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Personal Trainer To Work In New Client Sales - Milton Keynes

Achieving Your Weight Goals: A Practical Approach

Lifelong Fitness: How to NOT Let Injury Hold You Back

Reduce Stress: 3 Active Methods to Calm the Mind and Body

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3 Tips To Stay Alert

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5 Healthy Habits For Better Nutrition

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The DVCC Was In The News: 6 Tips For Fitness After 40

Lifelong Fitness: Navigating Your 40's & Beyond - Taking It Slow

3 Age-Friendly Methods to Improve Your Mood

The Secret To Weight Loss After 40

10 Tips For Better Nutrition

Increase Your Life Expectancy by 17%

Build Healthy Habits Over Time - A Guide for Men and Women Above 40

Schedule Your Exercise and Increase Your Results!

What it's REALLY like inside the DVCC

How to get the results you want without over doing it

3 Facts about Nutrition to know before you're 40

Your First 3 Supplements

Avoid the dangers of a sedentary life

Brain Boosting Foods

5 Ways to make Movement a             non-negotiable

5 Ways To AVOID Getting In Shape This Year

Looking at Supplements?

The Purpose of Exercise (in the beginning)

Salmon Tartar with Avocado and Mango

THE Fundamental Principle of Weight Management

Top Tips For Avoiding Your Daily Nutritional Challenges

How to lose weight WITHOUT hitting the gym!

The NEW New Year Resolution

3 Tips To A Guilt Free Christmas Party

Good Progress is Slow Progress

How to Improve Your Sleep

Building Muscle After 40?!

The BEST Diet You Can Do Today!

STRESS! How It Enters Your Life And How To Reduce It!

"I did the 6 week trial and I just loved it." Dilip's Fitness Story

I hurt my knee and couldn't put weight on it...

José, 52, The Strongest He's Ever Been 💪🏼


Overcoming Injuries & Weight Gain - Ellies Story

My Legs Used To Ache Just Walking...

Down 2 Dress Sizes & Happier Than Ever

Marieanne On 24kg Weight Loss and ENJOYING exercise!

José, 52, On How He's The Strongest He's Ever Been 💪🏼

Widowed, Sue, Focused On Her Health - Strength & Mobility

Small Group Personal Training - Bedford, Hitchin, Mk, Northampton, St Albans

Lesley GETS STRONG with our Personal Training

Full Time Client Assessor - Northampton

Part Time Personal Trainer - Northampton

Full Time Personal Trainer - Northampton

Lead Personal Trainer - Northampton

Full Time Client Assessor - HITCHIN

Part Time Personal Trainer - Hitchin

Full Time Personal Trainer - Hitchin

Lead Personal Trainer - Hitchin

Full Time Client Assessor - Bedford

Part Time Personal Trainer - BEDFORD

Full Time Personal Trainer - BEDFORD

Lead Personal Trainer - BEDFORD

Full Time Client Assessor - St Albans

Part Time Personal Trainer - St Albans

Full Time Personal Trainer - St Albans

Lead Personal Trainer - St Albans

Part Time Personal Trainer - Milton Keynes

Lead Personal Trainer - MK

Full Time Personal Trainer - MK

Full Time Client Assessor - Milton Keynes

Josie's Fitness Comeback After Cancer Returned

Top 4 Reasons To Consider Becoming A PT

Maggie Lost 3 Stone & Got Fit After Transplant - Personal Training From Home

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10 Stone Weight Loss - Jenny's Story

John, 80yrs & Stronger Than Ever

Steve Beat Diabetes & Got STRONG

"I couldn't lift my hands above my head... Now I can..."

"2 years ago, I was just wallowing in my pain..."

Improving movement & strength over 70yrs - Mary's Story

How Brian, 74, lost over 3 stone & kept it off

"My Back and my mobility is so much better now" Jenny's story

“I don’t want to be like that” - Lina's Journey After Mums Declining Mobility

Weight Crept On... So Did The Anxiety... MATT'S COMEBACK

Julia Got Past The Weight Loss Plateau & Is Thriving

How Gary Overcome Injuries & Turned A Corner 💪🏼


Christine 60 - "I Lost My Stamina & I Needed That Extra Push"

How Greg Is Getting Back On Track With His Fitness Post-Lockdown

Sandra, 60, Took control & regained her spark!

"I'm one of those that don't usually like gyms" | How Pavlinder lost over a stone

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Feta & Red Pepper Muffin Recipe

Do You Know How Much Sugar Is In Your Food?


Will Sleep Affect Your Health & Fitness?

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Why & How To Be Kinder To Yourself This Year

Why It's So Hard To Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

How Patience Pushed Boundaries & Transformed Her Body

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20 Years Of Arthritis, Hayley Is Now Stronger Than Ever


How Jenny Dropped 10 and a Half Stone and Changed Her Life

6 Simple Health Habits To Adopt Everyday

How Lesley Overcame Her Diabetes!

“It gives me confidence…I trust them to keep my back safe!” - Liz's Fitness Journey

“Well we’re at 20lbs down now!” - Clive's Journey At DVCC

“It’s brought more out of me than I thought it would!” - Michaela's Incredible Journey

“I would train and eat junk, or eat well and not train - this has brought the two together!” - PODCAST


“I couldn’t do anything, I thought I was trapped!” - Donna's Fitness Journey!

“It was about getting my life back really" - Catherine's Journey At DVCC

Plant Based Protein: How to 'create' a protein!

"They'll probably save your life!" - Davy's Journey At DVCC

"Do what you are doing, but with a twist" - Manoj's Nutrition Journey(Podcast)

Why Community Matters - Raj's Journey at DVCC

Should You Be Using Protein Shakes?

“Having my hip replacement has been completely life-changing for me!” - Vicky's journey at DVCC

4 Simple Tips To Supercharge Your Immune System!

“I’m more flexible now than I have been for 36 years!” - Bob's Journey At DVCC

Is Your Sweet Tooth getting the better of you?

“I’m below 80kg for the first time in years and years and years!” - Chris's Journey At DVCC

How Nutrition Coaching Can Help You Maximise Your Results! (Podcast)

“I’m lifting weights now that at my age, I really shouldn’t!” - Bryan's Journey At DVCC

“I’ve gone from waking up at night in pain…to being pain free!” - Debra's Journey At DVCC

7 Surprising Ways Supplements Help Your Body!


How Linda has managed to keep the weight off FOR GOOD!

Struggle With Emotional Eating? Try This!

Is Online Training The Future Of Fitness?

What Makes A Great Workout?

“If it’s not enjoyable, it’s not worth doing!" - Steve's Experience at DVCC

Alternative Ways To Measure Your Progress!

Level Up Your Food Shop!

"I'm 70 and have never felt 'past it'!" - Chris's Experience At DVCC

What Does Success Mean To You?

How Claire Lost A Stone During Lockdown!

Ready To Rebuild Your Strength - No Matter Your Age!

DVCC Safety - What Clients Are Saying!

Not Sure Where to Start After Lockdown? Here’s what to do!

Josephine's Lockdown Nutrition Journey!

Is BMI A Good Indicator Of Health?

The Flat Belly Cure Podcast - Episode 20: Bloating!

The Flat Belly Cure Podcast - Episode 19: 'The Gap'

Post Lockdown Goal Setting!

How Joe lost 15lbs in 3 months!

Stretch Routines That Will Help You Feel Amazing!

Take a look at Nick's incredible transformation!




Supercharge your immune system...With your nutrition!

10 Reasons You Need To Try Boxing Conditioning!

What does it mean to be part of The DVCC community?

Running out of willpower? Here's what you can do!

“I just love the fact that I feel stronger!” - Kate's Journey At The DVCC

Anita's Amazing Animal Conservation Stories!

Working Out But Not Losing Weight? Here's What To Do!

"I've lost 1 and a half stone!" - Dyan's Journey At The DVCC

Feeling Strapped For Time? TRY THIS

How Dave Has Managed To Change His Life!

"I wasn't getting the results I wanted..." - What Hannah did to change that!

Veganism vs Meat Eaters. The debate.

Gary's Journey At The DVCC

Bill's Promise To His Daughter...

Losing the winter weight…What’s the next step?

"I like it here...It's like home!" - Angela's Journey At The DVCC

The Top 3 Tips To Help You Succeed In 2020!

"I'm doing more now than I did in my 30s!" - Karen's Journey at The DVCC

Andy's Journey At The DVCC

Why the “Pause-Button Mentality” needs to go!

How to feel AMAZING in time for your Christmas party!

Do you feel intimidated by normal gyms?

The big box impersonal gyms leave you feeling awkward, and lacking motivation to lose weight and get fit.

The Training Gyms is for men and women who want to lose weight, get fit but don't want to do it in a normal big box gym.

We know it's important. We just don't know where to start.




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