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Kevin Shurrock



"The big achievement for me was getting to 45lbs and I thought that was it, that was a good target and I didn’t really have any expectations beyond that."






I’ve really made some friends for life, and that support is so different to any other gym that I’ve been to. This really has been such a life changing experience for me. And for anybody out there that is thinking about doing this and wanting to come in and see the team, I just tell you to come in and do it; it’s such a different environment, such a friendly environment and you will not regret it.



I'm Richie Short and I'm 54 years old. I joined about nearly 3 years ago now. It was actually my wife who gave me a trial membership as a Valentines Day present and I loved the experience of the 6 week trial and I haven't looked back since. 

I was a serial gym non-member. Well, I was a member, paid the membership fees and then probably went for the 1st month and then probably once a month for the rest of the year. So I wasted a lot of money.  The Training Gyms is different, it suites my style of living, obviously I'm a busy executive and the times of the sessions here fit in really well with my schedule and I like the team ethics and the motivation of the trainers keeps me going and it really drives me on, so it's a completely different experience. 

I feel a lot fitter, I feel a lot more confident in myself and I have lost weight. I will admit, I've been up and down during those 3 years but generally much, much fitter. 

I think the happiest moment would have been when I reached my lowest % of body fat. I went down at one stage to 16% body fat. 

I would recommend it because it's got a great feel, the trainers are excellent, it's good to have the peer support of all the other people who come to The Training Gyms, they're a great crowd and you'll find that you workout a lot harder. 

You'll do probably burn as many calories in 50 minute session here at The Training Gyms as you would in probably a 2 hour session at the gym. It'll keep you going, and you'll have fun and feel fit and healthy.


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"I’m Paul, I’m 52, I’m a police officer at the moment but i retire in April.
There are times where I could be working, I could leave the house at 8 in the morning and not come back until 3 o’clock the following morning, and then get back to work for 8 o’clock. So it can be incredibly tiring.
The image that I picked up from The Training Gyms from the videos and stuff was that the staff were all really enthusiastic and i thought, it’s got to be worth a bash. Everybody you meet here has been nothing but friendly. A big thing for me is, there’s been a couple of days when you know, I’ve been tired and I’ve been half way here almost and I’ve been like “Do I really want to do this?”
You know, I feel like turning around, just going back home and I just thought “No, don’t do that” and I think half of that is knowing that when I get here, you’re kind of like brought along with their enthusiasm. Because the minute you walk in the door, it’s all like “Hi Paul! How are you doing? How you feeling? Any niggles and that?” You know.
But it is like a bit of a family atmosphere, and it’s great. and it makes me WANT to come.
Both me and my wife have noticed that I’ve lost my belly, the trousers that I normally wear for work, there’s loads of room in them now!
I’ve said to myself on so many occasions, I’m so glad that I came tonight!”


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