Success Stories

Sonya Blake's Story



Sonya lost over 1 stone in 8 weeks


Roxanne's Story



 "I’ve been coming to The Training Gyms for 6 months now and I’ve lost just shy of 2 stone of fat."


Suzanne's Story



A teaching assistant with 3 children of her own, Suzanne now attends sessions with her 17 year old daughter, meaning the duo are able to spend sessions in each other's company, whilst also having fun at the same time! 


"I wasn't being treated as an individual." 

Carol Kewley, a 58 year old nursery leader, joined The Training Gyms after feeling like she was isolated and wasn't being treated as an individual at her previous gym.

By having a personal trainer, taking her step by step through each workout, Carol has been continuously achieving her goals and is always pushing herself harder.



"I tried lots of different gyms and nothing had worked, but here there are no mirrors so you don't worry about how you look when you're doing things.
Now, I actually enjoy coming to the classes, which is...weird".

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Get Strong


"I am a full time working mum with 3 children and two step children. I work long hours at unpredictable times, often involving travel and staying in hotel rooms.

I was reasonably active but hurt my foot.

I wanted to get fit and like my body better, it was a bit wobbly from being over 40 and having had children.

I joined The Training Gyms for a trial period of 30 days as i had not previously got on well with Gyms and thought I had nothing to lose with 30 days.

I have met some really brilliant, friendly encouraging people, normal people, normal lives.

No one bothers at the gym about matching outfits, makeup or nice hair do, just about getting fit, having a good laugh and working out hard.

The trainers all genuinely seem to want us to do well and work to our individual potential. It is a really lovely environment that is not intimidating.

I have found that it helps me have a better view of my body, I am not skinny but am now confident, better concentration at work, I feel like I get my time out and make better choices.

I love going to The Training Gyms gym, I thought I was too busy to exercise with family and full time work but I realise it is just about prioritisation, prioritising some time for me to be well means I am a better all round person.

The people at the gym are my favourite part, I genuinely have laughed with people and the work out has felt much easier."



Do you feel intimidated by normal gyms?

The big box impersonal gyms leave you feeling awkward, and lacking motivation to lose weight and get fit.

The Training Gyms is for men and women who want to lose weight, get fit but don't want to do it in a normal big box gym.

We know it's important. We just don't know where to start.




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