When we meet you for the first time (no matter what trial program you are on), we will see where you are in your fitness journey, where you want to get to, and design a program to help you get there.

1:1 Personal Training


Do you have specific goals and needs? Do your physical limitations mean you want to know that your sessions will go as slowly or as fast as you want? Our 1:1 personal training is dictated to by you, your goals, your needs and your comfort level. It's not needed by 95% of people, but if you feel you want that level of personal attention we are experts in our field!

Small Group Personal Training


Our small group sessions run all day. From the first assessment you have with us, we are able to develop a plan where the appropriate exercises for you can be incorporated into your sessions. After all not all exercises are right for you, and with these sessions (average 2 clients), we are able to give you a personal training experience that will improve your strength, help you lose weight, and fix any injuries.

Team Training

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Whether you are an experienced fitness fanatic or haven't exercised for 30 years, Team Training will give you the motivation, energy and results you are looking for. This 50 minute workout, is split into familiar TTG training sections, that lead you through the warm-up, to strength training, to the fat loss portion of the session and into the mobilisation/stretching part of the workout. You will be sweating and worked out, but will leave with a huge feeling of achievement, and the energy and support from your friends will bring you back to your next session!

Boxing Conditioning


Boxing is the ultimate full body workout and works on nearly every fitness attribute there is (it's a lot of fun too!).  In The Training Gyms Boxing Conditioning sessions, it isn't all about who hits the hardest, or who moves the fastest. Instead, we teach you the fundamentals of boxing, working on everything from stance, movement, how to professionally wrap your hands and of course, how to throw amazing punches! All sessions are performed in a safe, fun and fast paced environment where everyone is made to feel like a champ!

Repair & Restore


Sometimes we all need a break from our hectic lifestyles. To stop, take a moment to listen to our bodies and move forwards. Human Restoration sessions are designed with exactly this in mind. During these sessions, we will help you breakdown any injuries, niggles or general tension that your body may be holding and utilise various stretches and exercises in order to help your body recover. We promise that you'll leave this session feeling relaxed, focused and ready to take on the day ahead!


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The Daily Challenge is designed to test your aerobic system, helping you lose weight, strengthen your heart and lungs and improve endurance using cardio equipment and body weight exercises. Not only this, but this 40 minute session helps to increase stamina, so the dull aches and pains involved in everyday activities will seem like a distant memory. Since the Corona Virus pandemic, we have added this session to ensure you are the healthiest and happiest you - just like you deserve to be. 


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Our Core sessions are a staple session in our Virtual Gym! Work your abs and body with a 20 minute core session like no other. Not only will it help shift any unwanted belly weight, a strong core is an invaluable asset which will help with all of your other workouts too. Take full advantage of this session, included in your Virtual Membership and strengthen your core now and for years to come. 

Nutrition & Accountability Programmes


When our clients need nutrition advice we are there. Our 12 week nutrition and accountability program focuses on positive haven't coaching, and helping you find something that fits around your life, family and commitments. Who wants to be counting their calories? There's NO diets at The Training Gyms!

Once you have completed the program, there is ongoing nutritional coaching available to ensure you stay consistent to your new habits, and help you find solutions to any changes in your life. > CLICK HERE FOR ALL INFORMATION ON OUR NUTRITION

Do you feel intimidated by normal gyms?

The big box impersonal gyms leave you feeling awkward, and lacking motivation to lose weight and get fit.

The Training Gyms is for men and women who want to lose weight, get fit but don't want to do it in a normal big box gym.

We know it's important. We just don't know where to start.




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