June 6, 2014

How To Make Yourself More Clever!

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In this video:

00:15 – how to improve brain health

00:28 – what is brain health?

00:51 – first thing to look at – Omega-3

01:08 – DHA and EPA

02:04 – looking at the amount of DHA and EPA




Hi. This is Stephen from and today I am going to answer a question that was put forward by Leah “Perky” Perkins.

So one of the Perky’s, Leah Perkins, asked about what you can do to actually improve brain health.

Happy Brain, Happy Well-Being

Now, there is a few different things you can do but probably the first thing to really address would be the amount of Omega-3 you are actually taking and so when I talk about brain health, I am talking about brain functions, so the cognitive function – how smart you are or how well you can think basically – but also basically how not depressed you are. I am trying to think of the other words for that – but basically how happy and how your brain functions – basically a happier a brain, a happier functioning brain will make you a happier person.

Omega-3’s DHA and EPA and Their Effects

Now like I said, the first thing to look at is Omega-3. So Omega-3’s you can get from oily fish and things like that; however, for lots of people the best way to get them is through supplementation form through Omega-3 fish oils. Now you can get these in liquid or tablets.

Actually there’s two parts to Omega-3: There’s DHA and EPA. Now the EPA is actually more related to inflammation. So Omega-3 fish oil is very good at actually helping people with joint pain and things like that. Now the DHA part is actually the stuff that is more important for the brain. So for example, pregnant women, it is very important that they take higher amounts of DHA as that really helps the brain of the baby develop, but it is also very similar for adults that you want the fish oil that is more weighted towards higher amounts of DHA than EPA if you are looking to really positively impact your brain. Obviously, if besides eating fish oil, eating oily fish is a really great way of getting Omega-3’s and trying to avoid processed foods is also another great way of really improving brain function.

How To Make Your Brain Happy

But like I say if you really want to help your brain, make a happier brain, and therefore a happier person, think about getting some fish oils and looking at the amount of DHA and EPA. If you are really looking to impact your brain, then DHA is the best most beneficial part of the fish oil.

Hope that helps, Leah “Perky” Perkins. Any more questions, put them in the box below and any questions related to that, please just let us know.

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