March 18, 2017

Why we don't believe in dieting

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With summer fast approaching, sunny days on the horizon and holidays being booked, many people are starting to think about losing weight.

Often when people want to lose body fat and improve their body composition in time for summer the first thing that comes to mind is dieting, and with hundreds of different types of diets being fed to you via social media its no surprise so many people start cutting down their calories, drinking only juices, fasting and watching what they eat. 


The Problem

While we understand that people want to feel confident about how they look and feel during the warm summer months, we also understand what a stress dieting can be in the run up towards a holiday.

Many clients of the DVCC would go through the motions of dieting to try and lose weight before summer every year, only to find themselves frustratingly back in the same position the very next year. 

The problem with dieting is that the change in mindset is not a long term one, therefore it is highly unlikely to result in long term life changing results. Many people actually find that after the strict dieting they have done over weeks and months comes to an end, they can end up putting on more weight than they started with before they began the diet.

We Don't Believe In Dieting

This may come as a shock to you because there is such a huge market for fat loss and so many products which sell themselves as being "the easy way to lose fat", but unfortunately with fat loss there is no quick fix or magic pill which will give you the same results as regular exercise and a healthy well balanced nutritional plan. 

At the DVCC we do not believe in dieting, we focus on the long term changes in mindset and healthy eating which allow for the long term body changes and total body transformations which our clients desire and ultimately achieve.


The Backlash Of Calorie Cutting

Often when people diet the first thing that they do is reduce the amount of food which they are eating. This leads to a lower amount of calories being consumed throughout the day and the end results of this are feeling tired, stressed and constantly hungry to name a few. 

Eating a lower amount of calories may lead to fat loss. However it will also lead to a lowered metabolism, which when you return to your normal way of eating and the subsequent sudden increase in calories that comes with it, means you will store body fat.

None of our clients feel tired, stressed or constantly hungry due to lack of nutrition. We do not limit the amount of calories which our clients should eat for optimal fat loss. Instead our clients feel, energized, confident and in control of their nutritional habits.

Support For Fat Loss

If you have ever found you are more successful at something when you have been invested into it with a friend, family member or colleague then you will understand the power of accountability. 

At the DVCC every client is as invested into your results as you are. There is power in numbers and having other people around you who have been or are in a similar position to yourself will be very comforting and reassuring. 

We understand that not everyone can change how they eat and exercise overnight, so we have a process called the Progress Tracker which we go through with our clients once every week, or every two weeks depending on what works best for you.

During the Progress Tracker we sit down with our clients on a 1-2-1 basis and take body composition measurements using our state of the art Inbody analysis machine. This allows us to know exactly how each client is progressing at any one time and allows for us to make small nutritional changes via The DVCC Focus Habit Software.


A Small And Easy Change With A Big Impact

If you are wanting to start making a change to your body shape a great thing you could start doing would be to have a high protein and natural fat breakfast. Natural fats are not the enemy in the war against body fat storage, so do not fear it. 

 A great example of a high protein and natural fat breakfast would be a spinach and mushroom omelette or salmon with poached egg.

This type of breakfast will keep you feeling fuller for longer, give you plenty of energy as your blood sugars will rise more slowly and will also allow your hormones to regulate in the correct way for optimal fat loss. 


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