June 24, 2019

"You do genuinely feel that they've got your best interests at heart." Steve's Journey With The DVCC

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Last year, Steve contracted bowel cancer.

After a year of being pumped full of drugs or operated on, he managed to beat his cancer, however, when he returned to work, he quickly realised he was left with little of the strength or energy that he once had…



…After trying other gyms, but not having the motivation to keep attending, he decided it was time to try something new. Now, as soon as he walks through the door, he is greeted by name and is immediately made welcome by other DVCC clients!

Fast forward to this year and Steve and his wife Julie are both training on a regular basis together and always spurring each other on to achieve their next goals!


"I had a bit of a bad year last year, I contracted bowel cancer. I went through a course of chemotherapy through the middle part of the year and as we got to the September, and I started to go back to work. Bascially, I was lacking strength, the drugs I think were still in the system, I hadn't fully recovered. I had a year basically sitting around, either being operated on or fed full of drugs and stuff.

When you come in, someone shouts your name as you come through the door, you feel immediately welcome, there is immediately some sort of banter and chat with people of a similar age, or slightly younger than me. I didn't feel like the old guy in the room.

I can understand if someone is a bit nervous about doing something like this because it is different and it is like stepping out of the normal. But, the good thing with this, you can come, you can focus, you get on with the job in hand. It's done and dusted within the hour. There's people you can talk to if you want to talk to them, there is people who will help you and keep you on the right track whether you realise it or not, you know!

You do genuinely feel that they've got your best interests at heart."

Do you feel intimidated by normal gyms?

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