November 22, 2019

“I finally feel like me again!” - Lisa's Journey At The DVCC

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When Lisa was looking back at photographs of her and her son, she realised that in nearly all of them, she was either hiding her face, standing behind people or not wanting her picture to be taken.

She thought to the future and when her son is older he would look back and think “Why are you like that?”


When Lisa first started her fitness journey, she had a full length cardigan that she would always wear to every session. No matter how hot she got, or how inconvenient it was, she would NOT take it off…

…But one day, a few months into her training, she showed up in a vest top! Something changed. She got her confidence back and was ready to take on the world!

Since then, Lisa has lost over 22lbs of body fat and is continuously pushing herself closer to her goals with every session!

“When I first came, I couldn’t do 1 press up…Now, I’m the one people are trying to keep up with!"



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