March 18, 2017

Find Out Why Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Is A Fat Loss Potion!

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warm-water-with-lemonDrinking warm water with freshly sliced lemon placed in it, first thing in the morning, is fast becoming a routine for many health and fitness enthusiasts world wide.

There are a number of reasons for this, the first being that it helps to improve digestion and overall gut health.

It stimulates your metabolism and starts a detoxification process.

Lemons contain indigestible fibre which allows the liver to eliminate unwanted toxins and waste products.

Because lemons contain so many antioxidants, they help reduce inflammation which will help reduce your chances of disease. Lemons are also rich in vitamin C which will help to improve your immune system.

Drinking lemon water every day has been said to have a great effect on reducing the likelihood of you catching a cold or worse, the flu.

pourlemonwaterDrinking water constantly throughout the day is very important for health as well as fat loss.

With lemon added to your water you will acquire important electrolytes, such as potassium, which can help increase hydration more than drinking water alone.

Lemons will improve your insulin sensitivity. This is key for having a lean physique and for optimal health.

The fibre which comes from drinking lemon water in the morning has been shown to slow down the process of food entering your digestive tract.

This in turn allows for a slower release of sugar into the blood when carbs are consumed, which will help to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the chance of those 11am/4pm energy dips that lead to carb cravings.

Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water. Drink it without keeping it in your mouth for too long. Follow it down with some fresh water before brushing your teeth and avoid brushing your teeth directly after consuming it.


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