March 18, 2017

Add These Foods To Your Diet To Burn More Body Fat

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There are some foods which can benefit your fat loss and help you feel more energised throughout the day, when consumed regularly.

They won't offset a bad diet, but they will definitely help you keep your metabolism stimulated and the chances of fat burn will be considerably higher.

Eat these foods regularly to decrease your body fat and stay lean.


Increases your body temperature, as a result your body has to use more calories to keep your body temperature down (your body doesn't like being more than a degree or two over or under its comfort zone).

Studies have shown ginger can reduce appetite. It will also help you to detoxify as it is full of antioxidants.

Chillis / hot peppers 

Both contain capsaicin which may help decrease hunger and also stimulate the fat burning genes. The thermogenic effect the peppers have on your body will lead to increased calorie burning.

If you don't like hot food, you can buy capsaicin as a supplement.

Fish Oil and CLA

Fish-oil-4Fish oil contains the very beneficial omega 3 fats which help to torch body fat. The western world eats a higher amount of omega 6 fats, which is to do with the amount of processed foods which are consumed. Fish oil will help you to improve your insulin sensitivity which can lead to better blood sugar level management and less fat storage.

CLA is a potent cancer fighting nutrient which will also go a long way to reducing your stress levels. High stress levels have been shown to cause fat storage around your belly button as this is where a lot of your cortisol receptors are, so getting a good dose of CLA into your diet will also help you burn fat from your stomach.

Even for those who eat fish regularly, you can still supplement with fish oil as it is very important for fat loss. 

Try and get your fish oil and CLA from freshwater fish, organic grass fed meat and full fat dairy. Eat natural fats with every meal. 

Green Tea

greentea3Green tea is antioxidant rich and has a large array of health benefits.

Drinking this is an easy habit to pick up and having 2 green teas (minimum - there is no maximum amount) will go a long way to not only decreasing your body fat but also increasing your health and chances of living longer.

One of the antioxidants found in green tea is called catechin. Catechins can help to improve liver function and allow your body to use fat for fuel in place of sugar.

Avoid green tea which has added sugar. Although you can find flavoured green teas which have little sugar or no in them.


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