6560+ Fit & Active Program

Safe effective exercise – By highly qualified Transformation Experts

  • STRENGTH - Special exercises that will make you stronger in every day life
  • FLEXIBILITY - You will see your flexibility sky rocket within weeks
  • FITNESS - Develop fitness that allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want
  • BALANCE - Never worry again that you are going to become injured
  • COMMUNITY - Become part of a friendly, supportive community of people just like you

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Would you like to turn back the clock of time and dramatically reduce your aches and pains while simultaneously boosting your energy levels, balance, flexibility and strength?

The DVCC 60+ Fit & Active Program is for men and women over the age of 59 who believe their best years are yet to come. And they want to be as fit and active as possible to be able to enjoy the life they've earned through many years of busy careers and raising children.

The DVCC 60+ Fit & Active Program:

The program has been specifically designed by our expert team to develop your strength, fitness, flexibility and balance. You will be part of a small group of clients in the exact same position as you.

Each 40 minute session is held at The DVCC private personal training centres with full parking and changing facilities.

Our highly qualified and trained team of Transformation Experts will work with you on exercises that are low impact and designed to make you fitter, stronger and more flexible while at the same time improving your balance and co-ordination.

You will only ever being working with adults of a similar age and fitness level as you and become part of a community of mature people who are all focused on being able to live an ACTIVE future. 

The DVCC 65+ Fit & Healthy Banner