Part-Time Nutrition Coach

Do you have a passion for helping people with nutritional habit change?

The DVCC is looking for a Personal Trainer with a high degree of passion for nutrition and how integrating healthy habits can transform how someone looks, feels and lives life!

You don’t have to be a qualified nutritionist, but you do need to be open to learn and realise there is no one way...Only the way that works for the individual.

To be successful in this role you need to help our current clients (and those who don’t currently train with us) BELIEVE they will be a success on this program, and when they do they will invest in it.

If you are afraid of charging for a valuable service, or “asking for money” then this isn’t for you. A huge part of nutritional habit change is selling someone on how it will change their life...The first part to this is selling them on the program.

You don’t have to know it all or be the world’s greatest expert on health and nutrition, but a clear understanding of fitness will be beneficial.

The DVCC is one of the few health and fitness centres around to have both full time and part time salaried employees.

Here are some of the qualities we’re looking for in our Nutritional Coaches:

1) You care...Not say you do...You SHOW you do! Talk is cheap in the fitness industry, and we only judge on actions.

2) A can-do attitude. You’ll be given a tonne of help and support here at The DVCC, but the employees who really shine are the ones who can take the lead and show initiative.

3) You constantly learn. If a method is not working with a client you research and find out what WILL work with them. You are a problem solver.

4) A team player. It’s important for you to aim for personal growth and career progression, but we value team spirit above all. Our strong sense of community is what sets us apart from regular gyms, and we need people who can strengthen the team, not solo operators.

5) Desire for long term career growth. We’re not just offering the right candidate a job; we’re giving them the chance to advance their entire career.


If you’re positive, outgoing and interested in growing a real career at DVCC, please submit your application with an up-to-date CV and cover letter telling us why you think you are special....

We'd love to hear from you!

Place: Bedford


We want people who want to be invested in their jobs